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  • Annie & Carola: My Best Friend Annie & Carola: My Best Friend
  • Belly Flop Belly Flop
  • Bike Bird Bike Bird
  • Bubble Gum Bubble Gum
  • Kitten Witch Kitten Witch
  • Mahalia Melts in the Rain Mahalia Melts in the Rain
  • One Small Step One Small Step
  • One Small Step One Small Step
  • Shoot for the Moon Shoot for the Moon
  • The Basket The Basket
  • The Bookmobile The Bookmobile


Century Larkspur Sat, Oct 5, 2019 2:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Family Films
Mind the Gap
New Zealand
South Africa
Running Time:83 min.
Note Writer:Joanne Parsont


They may be small. They may be young. But that doesn’t keep any of these inspiring girls from dreaming big, standing strong, or taking chances. In Shoot for the Moon (Lauren Hoekstra & Doug Turner, US 2017, 4 min) and One Small Step (Andrew Chesworth & Bobby Pontillas, US/China 2018, 8 min), starstruck young women strive for space exploration. Others seek simple freedoms like riding bikes and reading books in Bike Bird (Sykkelfugl) (Odveig Klyve & Kari Klyve-Skaug, Norway 2018, 15 min, in Hazaragi and Norwegian with English subtitles) and The Bookmobile (Julie Zammarchi, US 2016, 4 min). Resourcefulness is the real superpower in The Basket (Suresh Eriyat, India 2018, 14 min), Kitten Witch (James Cunningham, New Zealand 2017, 9 min), and Annie & Carola: My Best Friend (Annie y Carola. Mi mejor amiga) (Myriam Ballesteros, Spain 2018, 4 min), while identity and self-confidence are the driving forces in Bubble Gum (Ella Fields, US 2018, 9 min) and Mahalia Melts in the Rain (Emilie Mannering & Carmine Pierre-Dufour, Canada 2018, 11 min). And then there is the guts and glory found only on the high dive in Belly Flop (Jeremy Collins, South Africa 2017, 5 min). Age 10+

Included Shorts

Annie & Carola: My Best Friend (4min) More
The Basket (14min) More
Belly Flop (5min) More
Bike Bird (15min) More
The Bookmobile (3min) More
Bubble Gum (9min) More
Kitten Witch (9min) More
Mahalia Melts in the Rain (11min) More
One Small Step (8min) More
Shoot for the Moon (4min) More