The Dog Doc


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Section:Valley of the Docs
Mind the Gap
Active Cinema
Running Time:101 min.
Director:Cindy Meehl
Producer:Alice Henty
Cindy Meehl
Cinematographer:Nelson Hume
Editor:Stephen Heffner
Print Source:Alice Henty
Note Writer:Cindy Lou Peeples


In a small Westchester town, the unassuming offices of Smith Ridge Veterinary Center are a last hope for many of the animals that walk through its doors. The practice is the vision of Dr. Marty Goldstein, a pioneer of integrative veterinary medicine who has built a career on treating beloved pets, particularly dogs, holistically for 45 years. Goldstein boldly goes against the grain of conventional medicine by incorporating alternative therapies and cutting-edge techniques, combining the best of Eastern and Western treatments. The result is a haven for humans and their canine companions other vets have deemed beyond hope. Sundance Award winner Cindy Meehl (Buck) followed Goldstein and his patients for nearly three years, charting ups and downs and joy and heartbreak along the way. The Dog Doc is an admiring portrait that showcases the high stakes and dedication of veterinarian work while posing serious questions about conventional veterinary practices and how they might be improved.

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Additional Information

Cindy Meehl is the founder of Cedar Creek Productions. She was the director and executive producer on Buck (2011), winner of the documentary audience award at the Sundance Film Festival, and she executive produced Dogs on the Inside (2014), Unbranded (2015), Trapped (2016), The River and The Wall (2019), and Rewind (2019).