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Film Info
Section:Family Films
Mind the Gap
Running Time:89 min.
Director:Priya Ramasubban
Producer:Priya Ramasubban
Screenwriter:Priya Ramasubban
Cinematographer:Arvind Kannabiran
Editor:Jabeen Merchant
Cast:Jigmet Dewa Lhamo
Morup Namgyal
Yanchen Dolma
Padma Chospel
SS Wangchuk
Tsetan Angchok
Print Source:Kaavya Films
Note Writer:Deanna Quinones


Chuskit tells the triumphant story of a physically disabled girl in rural India whose circumstances derail her dream of going to school. Nevertheless, she persists! Inspired by true events, this fictional tale centers on Chuskit, whose vibrant early childhood is marked by energetic play and an eager thirst for learning. Partially paralyzed in an accident, Chuskit, now age 9, spends her days at home under the watchful eye of her loving but disapproving grandfather (played with tender gravity by renowned folk musician Morup Namgyal) who demands adherence to tradition and discourages her aspirations. Undaunted, Chuskit pursues a series of schemes with the help of her brother and friends, as well as the city doctor who brings her a sleek wheelchair that gives her newfound freedom. Chuskit is an authentic ode to girl power that offers a fascinating glimpse into a modern culture so different from our own, where the internet hasn’t yet landed but the value of connection is prized above all. Age 9+

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Additional Information

Priya Ramasubban has traveled the world for over 15 years making films for National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, and other major international broadcasters. Among her works are Lost Kings of Israel (2007) and Divine Delinquents (2007), and several episodes of the long-running series Digging for the Truth (2005-). Ramasubban was one of the six people chosen from all over India as a part of a screenwriters’ lab organized by the National Film Development Corporation, where developed Chuskit (2018) under the mentorship of award-winning Dutch writer Jolein Laarman.