August (Agosto)



Century Larkspur 3 Sat, Oct 5 1:30 PM
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
¡Viva el Cine!
Costa Rica
Running Time:85 min.
Premiere Status:US
Director:Armando Capó
Producer:Marcela Esquivel Jiménez
Claudia Olivera
Nathalie Traffor
Screenwriter:Abel Arcos
Armando Capó
Cinematographer:Javier Labrador Delafe
Editor:Juan Soto
Ariel Escalant
Cast:Damián González Guerrero
Alejandro Guerrero Machado
Glenda Delgado Dominguez
Luis Ernesto Barcenas
Rafael Lahera Suárez
Lola Amores Rodríguez
Verónica Lynn Lópe
Print Source:La Feria Producciones
in coproduction with: D´Safia Producciones
Paraiso Productio
Note Writer:Victoria Jaschob


Set in the Gibara region of Cuba where the director grew up and using a cast of both professional and non-professional actors, this quietly affecting directorial debut from Armando Capó is at once a coming-of-age story and a reflection of Cuba’s turbulent history. Carlos, Elena, and Mandy are teenagers living in a rural Cuba. After school gets out for the summer, they wander around, go to the beach, form crushes and misunderstandings—like teenagers everywhere. But their idyllic summer is about to be overwhelmed by forces they can’t control. It’s 1994, and Cuba is beset by a wave of emigration due to economic and social instability. The balseros, or rafters, are leaving in droves, some in homemade vessels—many perishing before they make it to their destinations. Carlos' poor yet close-knit family life and comfortable social milieu will be forever changed by the forces of history that threaten to engulf his island home.

EXPECTED GUESTS: Director Armando Capó, Producer Rene Cruz

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Additional Information

Armando Capó was born in Gibara, Cuba. He studied documentary film at the International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños and directing at the University of Arts of Cuba. He has directed several short films, including Inertia (2008), We Stayed (2009), Absence (2011), and Certainty (2012). August (2019) is his narrative feature debut.