Century Larkspur 3 Sun, Oct 13, 2019 5:30 PM
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Section:US Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:71 min.
Premiere Status:World
Director:Kara Herold
Producer:Kara Herold
Screenwriter:Kara Herold
Cinematographer:Alex Mendez Giner
Anjali Sundaram
Editor:Shirley Thompson
Cast:Beth Lisick
Tara Jepsen
Alice Schaerer
Cheri Paige Fogleman
Marcus DeAnda
Alex Emanuel
Print Source:Kara Herold
Note Writer:Monica Nolan


Kara (Beth Lisick) is living her dream—making films and leading a rich, satisfying life in San Francisco, surrounded by art and friends. But as thirtysomething turns into almost 40, the ticking of her biological clock—and Mom’s phone calls—spur Kara into a last-ditch attempt to have it all. Director Kara Herold takes this oft-examined feminist trope and gives it an inventive spin in her quirky auto-fiction, which combines animation and absurdist comedy to narrate Kara’s pursuit of the holy triumvirate: career, kids, and romance. Bay Area literary celeb Lisick is goofily right as Kara, demonstrating a flair for physical comedy whether running through town with a big box of sperm or struggling into the lotus position in a pair of tight vinyl pants. Yet underneath the hilarity, this meta-movie, which features a film about Kara within a film about Kara by a director named Kara, poses serious questions about what it means to be a woman artist in the 21st century.

EXPECTED GUESTS: Director Kara Herold, Actors Cheri Paige Fogleman and Marcus DeAnda, Cinematographer Anjali Sundaram, Co-Animator Sylvia Roberts, Illustrator Lisa McElroy

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Kara Herold’s films employ wit, provocative storytelling, and dynamic visual assemblages to comment upon the uneasy intersections between the real-life challenges contemporary women face and hidebound cultural expectations and institutions that may limit their life choices. She has written, directed, and produced films ranging from short animations to award-winning documentaries. Her films include Grrlyshow (2001) and Bachelorette, 34 (2007). 39 ½ is her first feature film. Herold’s awards and grants include support from the San Francisco Arts Commission, Pacific Pioneer Fund, Film Arts Foundation, and New York State Council for the Arts Grant.