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Rafael 3 Sun, May 5, 2019 3:00 PM
Hailing from a traditional small town in Iran, the Mansourian sisters are world champions in Wushu, an intense Chinese contact sport that is a combination of wrestling, boxing, and martial arts. Growing up in a working class family, their father made the sisters work the fields to earn money. When he abandoned them at a young age, the sisters turned to competitive Wushu while running the family construction business in order to support their family and pursue a better life. They joined the national Wushu team and with determination and discipline began to win tournaments and medals. Platform gives a voice to the Mansourian sisters when female athletes in Iran are so grossly underrepresented, highlighting their challenges and amazing accomplishments.
Film Info
Running Time:26 min.
Director:Peter Mortimer
Matty Hong
Nick Rosen
Producer:Zachary Barr
Cinematographer:Matty Hong
Brett Lowell
Greg Mionske
Editor:Steph Hon
Matty Hong
Josh Minor
Cast:Margo Hayes


American climber Margo Hayes is on a quest to make history by becoming the first woman to ascend two of the most revered climbs in the world.

Additional Information

Nick Rosen and Peter Mortimer are partners and producers at Sender Films. They directed the Emmy®-winning documentary film Valley Uprising, and a co-creator of the globally acclaimed Reel Rock films and tour. Matty Hong has a background in film production and is a supernaturally talented climber.