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Rafael 3 Sun, May 5, 2019 3:00 PM
Film Info
Running Time:87 min.
Premiere Status:US
Director:Sahar Mossayebi
Producer:Mahtab Keramati & Tahoora Abolghasemi
Screenwriter:Sahar Mossayebi
Cinematographer:Reza Abiyat
Editor:Hamila Moayed
Cast:Shahrbanou Mansourian; Elaheh Mansourian; Soheila Mansourian
Print Source:Maaa Film Distribution
Note Writer:Elliott Breeden


Hailing from a traditional small town in Iran, the Mansourian sisters are world champions in Wushu, an intense Chinese contact sport that is a combination of wrestling, boxing, and martial arts. Growing up in a working class family, their father made the sisters work the fields to earn money. When he abandoned them at a young age, the sisters turned to competitive Wushu while running the family construction business in order to support their family and pursue a better life. They joined the national Wushu team and with determination and discipline began to win tournaments and medals. Platform gives a voice to the Mansourian sisters when female athletes in Iran are so grossly underrepresented, highlighting their challenges and amazing accomplishments.

IN PERSON: Producer Tahoora Abolghasemi

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