Memory Games



Sequoia 2 Sat, May 4, 2019 12:30 PM
Film Info
Running Time:85 min.
Premiere Status:California
Director:Janet Tobias
Claus Wehlisch
Producer:Heino Decker
Janet Tobias
Tina Borner
Zsofi Kovacs; Co-Producers: Meike Martens
David Herdies
Michael Krotkiewski
Screenwriter:Janet Tobias
Claus Wehlisch
Cinematographer:Zac Nicholson
Editor:Claus Wehlisch
Cast:Lars Mikkelsen
Print Source:Ikana Media
Note Writer:Ken Jacobson


How is it possible for people to remember a deck of cards in 22 seconds, recall 150 faces in 15 minutes, or recite, without a single mistake, over 700 numbers in five minutes? Respected documentarian Janet Tobias (No Place on Earth) teamed with editor Claus Wehlisch (Cloud Atlas) for this enthralling documentary, which introduces us to four remarkable competitors from Germany, Sweden, the United States, and Mongolia as they vie for top honors in the World Memory Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia. Through visually inventive animation, we not only learn how world-class athletes pull off these extraordinary feats but begin to see how we can apply these same visualization techniques to our own daily lives.

IN PERSON: Director Claus Wehlisch

Additional Information

Claus Wehlisch is a German film editor and director. From the late 1990s, he was mainly active in film editing and occasionally as a film composer. He worked as assistant editor and co-editor on several high-profile productions, including Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and Jonathan Glazer’s Birth. Since moving to his native Germany, he has edited more than a dozen international film and television productions, including Cloud Atlas, as well as the TV Series Babylon Berlin. In 2018, he co-wrote, co-directed, and edited his first movie, the documentary Memory Games, which was his third collaboration with Janet Tobias, after editing her documentary No Place on Earth and working with her on Unseen Enemy.