Rafael 2 Sun, Oct 7, 2012 1:30 PM


Directed by Pierre Étaix

Starring: Pierre Étaix, Claudine Auger, Luce Klein, Philippe Dionnet

It is high time we discover Pierre E´taix, the winsome French comic who created a handful of charmers in the 1960s in collaboration with legendary screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrié`re. Inspired by Chaplin and Keaton (and personally adopting Buster’s deadpan demeanor), E´taix, a creative associate of the similarly wry Jacques Tati, starred in and directed his own original comedies brimming with visual wit and physical humor. His 1965 film, Yoyo, features E´taix in two roles: a jaded millionaire who reunites with the love of his life, a circus bareback rider; and their son Yoyo, who grows up to be a famous television clown. Beginning in the 1920s, with a deft homage to silent cinema that anticipates The Artist, the story starts “talking” and spans to the 1960s. Long lost, the films of Pierre E´taix have been lovingly restored, and Yoyo will screen in a beautiful new 35mm print.

Film Note Writer: Richard Peterson