Violeta Went to Heaven



Sequoia 1 Fri, Oct 12, 2012 12:00 PM


Sponsored by SF Weekly

Presented by La Peña Cultural Center

Directed by Andrés Wood

Starring: Francisca Gavilán, Thomas Durand, Luis Machín, Gabriela Aguilera, Roberto Farías

Produced by: Patricio Pereira, Pablo Rovito, Fernando Sokolowicz, Denise Gomes, Paula Cosenza

FOCUS: LATIN AMERICA • Considered by many to be the Chilean Edith Piaf or Bob Dylan, folk singer Violeta Parra rose to stardom in her native Chile as musical legend and political activist in the late 1950s and ‘60s. Based on Violeta’s biography written by her son A´ngel Parra, Violeta Went to Heaven draws a non- linear retrospective of the musician’s life, from her humble childhood to her increasingly isolated final days, weaving through her ascent as pop-culture icon, her international recognition as visual artist and her tumultuous relationships as both wife and mother. Brought to the screen in a magnetic performance by Francisca Gavila´n, Violeta’s amazing trajectory is guided in the film by touches of magical realism and her own musicincluding the celebrated “Gracias a la Vida,” unofficial anthem of the Latin American Left. Each song bares the soul of a woman with many passions and contradictions who fought against social norms to protect her national culture and who, above all, couldn’t bear to be silenced.

Film Note Writer: Julia Barbosa