Tales of the Night

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Rafael 3 Sat, Oct 6, 2012 1:00 PM
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Directed by Michel Ocelot

As night falls on an anonymous city, an old man, a girl and a boy sit at desks inside a building, their expressive silhouettes in stark contrast to the bursts of color and pattern in the background. The three brainstorm ideas for stories based on old themes, legends and tales. A story chosen, the boy and girl become lead characters, suddenly dressed up like cutout dolls by a blinking machine. A theater stage appears, and with a “Ready?” from the old man and a “Yes!” from behind the curtain, each play begins. Six tales unfold in real or fantastical lands in times past or only imagined, with scenery as strikingly distinct as each story. Riches and power tempt the characters, while sorcer- ers and beasts threaten them. But as only happens in the most satisfying fairy tales, kindness, generosity, bravery and love prove the stronger. In 3D! Ages 7+

Film Note Writer: R. McNair

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