Shanghai Calling



Sponsored by Union Bank

Presented by Stanford Club of Marin

Directed by Daniel Hsia

Starring: Daniel Henney, Eliza Coupe, Geng Le, Zhu Zhu, Alan Ruck, Bill Paxton

Successful New York lawyer Sam Chau (hunky Korean American superstar Daniel Henney) reluctantly accepts a transfer to Shanghai, where he stumbles into a quirky expat community that includes the owner of a fried chicken empire (Bill Paxton), a billionaire entrepreneur (Alan Ruck) and a savvy single mom (Eliza Coupe of sitcom Happy Endings). Full of American arrogance, Sam quickly finds that all his usual strategies backfire in the “new land of opportunity.” A cellphone licensing deal gone awry launches Sam into a hilarious misadventure of corporate espionage, romance and lightning-fast manufacturing. As much a portrait of the new booming Shanghai as a winning romantic comedy, writer-director Daniel Hsia’s contemporary tale is wry, sophisticated fun. Shanghai Calling features excellent performances by Henney as well as some of China’s brightest young stars. Produced by Hollywood veteran Janet Yang (The People vs. Larry Flynt).

Film Note Writer: Laura Swanbeck