Rebels with a Cause



Sponsored by OSKA

Presented by Cal Humanities

Directed by Nancy Kelly

Narrated by Frances McDormand

FOCUS: THE ENVIRONMENT • With California’s rapid population rise in the 1950s, many saw massive development of the state’s coastal wilderness as inevitable. Facing off against the federal government, private developers, corporations and county supervisors, passionate Bay Area activists launched a grassroots movement to preserve these natural wonders and curtail the destructive forces of development. Recognizing the need for policy changes at the federal level, local Congressman Clem Miller proposed the Point Reyes Bill to Congress in 1962. Although conservationists found an avid supporter in John F. Kennedy, under Nixon they confronted the upswing of land prices and challenges brought on by competitive property acquisition. Far from downtrodden, they seized this opportunity to rally support and expand their campaign nationwide, managing to save not only Point Reyes but 13 other parks in the same vulnerable position. This gorgeously shot, inspiring filmnarrated by Frances McDormandarrives just in time to commemorate Point Reyes’ 50th anniversary, truly embodying the activist spirit as it celebrates conservation and community.

Film Note Writer: Laura Swanbeck