Directed by Rob Nillson

Starring: Samantha Vandersteen, Ed Ferry, Deniz Demirer, Dan da Silva

“Beware a poisoned heart bent on revengewitness its red slit of a wound.” Such is the warning that begins the latest film from Rob Nilsson (Sand, MVFF 2010, What Happened Here?, MVFF 2011). A young international couple, Alex (French) and Manuel (Portuguese), arrive at a luxurious Marin bed and breakfast run by an erstwhile athlete turned roue´ and his strange and poetic son. Alternating between the poles of this amorous triangle, Alex prepares a feast one drunken night and her true motives appear. A modern and mythical tale of la dolce vita set in Marin, Nilsson’s film offers a contemporary reworking of the Greek myth of Electra and Orestes, with sultry seduction, incipient incest and slow-boiling drama in abundance. As a jazz-inspired work of Direct Action cinema, Maelstrom’s characters are placed in their environment, provided with threads of a backstory and from there the story unfolds in ever-unpredictable ways.

Film Note Writer: KD Davis