Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth



Sponsored by Whole Foods Market

Presented by Marin Interfaith Council

Directed by Frauke Sandig, Eric Black

FOCUS: THE ENVIRONMENT/LATIN AMERICA • According to the ancient Mayans, the present world as we know it will end on December 21, 2012 and a new cycle will arise. What is the truth behind the predictions of the Mayan calendar? How will the story end? This empowering human rights documentary allows the Mayans of today to provide the answers. Through the use of exquisite dreamlike imagery and music set against the harsh realities of corrupt governments and heartless multinationals, directors Eric Black and Frauke Sandig present the intimate stories of six modern-day Mayans intent on preserving the sacred ceremonies of their ancestors and incorporating them into everyday life. Ultimately, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth is a deeply moving and haunting film that gives voice to the indigenous people who understand their calendar not as an inevitable prophecy but as the closing of a circle, and a way to a new beginning.

Film Note Writer: Delfin Vigil