Critical Mass

Critical Mass Pacman 3 (


Sequoia 1Sat, Oct 13, 2012 1:30 PM Not Available
142 Throckmorton TheatreSun, Oct 14, 2012 5:45 PM Not Available


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Directed by Mike Freedman

FOCUS: THE ENVIRONMENT • Critical Mass is an enthralling and well-mannered horror story of a documentary, examining the human population explosion and its attendant exploitation of natural resources with a careful balance of doomsday scenarios and guardedly optimistic prescriptions for change. Spotlighting the impact of population growth on both the planet and our psychology, it soon becomes a story of mice and men. Filmmaker Mike Freedman structures his smart, engaging narrative around the work of research psychologist John Calhoun in the early 1960s , which demonstrated the bleak effects of overpopulation on rats. The visual conversation Freedman sets up features inconvenient truths that may make even the most socially committed among us squirm under new insights. Using testimonies of more than 20 leading scientists, academics and authors from around the world, this eye-opening summary of present and future challenges should be required viewing for everyone as we head toward the nine billion mark by 2050. Special Preview.

Film Note Writer: Deanna Quinones