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Sequoia 1 Sun, Oct 7, 2012 9:15 PM


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Directed by Daniel Burman

Starring: Jorge Drexler, Valeria Bertuccelli, Norma Aleandro, Luis Brandoni, Gabriel Schultz

FOCUS: LATIN AMERICA • For divorced dad Uriel Cohan (Oscar®-winning songwriter for The Motorcycle Diaries, Jorge Drexler), life in Buenos Aires means tending his two kids, running his father’s finance company, chasing women and playing high-stakes poker, but not necessarily in that order. Just when Uriel refuses to go “all in” with any woman, his ex-lover Gloria (Valeria Bertuccelli of XXY) appears, upping the ante with the possibility for something real and lasting. Wanting to impress Gloria and transcend his daily life, Uriel pretends to be someone he’s not. His friend, his doctor and a rock-star rabbi all advise him to stop telling lies and start living the truth. Meanwhile, Gloria is mourning her father and longing to connect with her elusive mother (a spot-on Norma Aleandro). Renowned director-screenwriter Daniel Burman (Family Law, MVFF 2006) deals this romantic comedy with astute precision as Uriel tries to keep his house of cards from collapsing and turn a pack of lies into a winning hand.

Film Note Writer: Carol Harada