After Winter, Spring

  • Between Land and Sea Between Land and Sea


Directed by Judith Lit

FOCUS: THE ENVIRONMENT • A hundred years ago, farmers comprised more than half of France’s population; today they number less than three percent. With the inexorable encroachment of modern agriculture, suburban sprawl and European Union bureaucracy, how do these remaining small farmers sustain their way of life? After moving to the Périgord region, filmmaker Judith Lit spent three years sculpting an intimate portrait of her neighbors, the self-proclaimed peasants who’ve been working the land for generations. Here in the Dordogne, Lit is reminded of her childhood on her family’s Pennsylvania farm, gaining a strong connection to the hardy, hardworking, no-nonsense localsincluding her elderly neighbor Alfred who, at 88, is still out every day pruning his beloved grapevines. Proud of their heritage and their vocations, they do not resist progress per se but clearly struggle with the complications that it brings. Can they, should they, adapt to the new methods and technologies of today’s big agribusiness?

Film Note Writer: Joanne Parsont

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