The Biggest Little Farm



Rafael 2 Sun, Oct 14, 2018 11:15 AM
Film Info
Category:New Additions
Section:Valley of the Docs
Running Time:91 min.
Director:John Chester
Producer:John Chester
Sandra Keats
Screenwriter:Mark Monroe
John Chester
Cinematographer:John Chester
Editor:Amy Overbeck
Print Source:Neon
Note Writer:Diane de Monx


The Biggest Little Farm renders a heartfelt portrait of Los Angeles couple who flee the detritus and stress of LA for a new life managing (or attempting to manage) a farm just north of the city limits. Director-cinematographer John Chester and his food blogger wife Molly created Apricot Lane Farms to reconnect with nature, and live an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. Filmed over the course of eight years, The Biggest Little Farm joyously recounts the struggles and successes of their inspirational endeavor with none of the sort of eco-panic one might expect. Putting his camera skills to good use in the service of rural California’s breathtaking natural splendor, Chester creates an autobiographical scrapbook, enlisting writer Mark Monroe (The Cove; MVFF 2016 Audience Award winner Finding Oscar) to help shape the story. What emerges is a life-affirming tale of one family who followed their hearts and turned their dreams into a flourishing, sustainable reality.

Expected Guest: Director/Producer/Writer/Cinematographer John Chester

Additional Information

Emmy®-winning director John Chester has been a filmmaker and television director for the last 25 years. His recent short films for OWN’s Super Soul Sunday (including Saving Emma, Worry for Maggie, and The Orphan) have won five Emmys for outstanding directing, writing, and cinematography, among others. Chester’s recent feature film The Biggest Little Farm premiered at the 2018 Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. Chester currently lives on a farm in California just outside of LA with his wife Molly, son Beauden, over 100 sheep, 10 cows, and a bunch of chickens.