Two for Dinner


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Any Wednesday/Two for Dinner: An Afternoon with Eleanor Coppola & Allie Light
Rafael 1 Sat, Oct 13, 2018 4:30 PM
Co-presented with SFFILM, esteemed Bay Area filmmakers Eleanor Coppola and Allie Light discuss their ventures into narrative cinema after decades as documentarians.
Film Info
Running Time:22 min.
Director:Eleanor Coppola
Producer:Anahid Nazarian
Screenwriter:Eleanor Coppola
Cinematographer:Mihai Malaimare
Editor:Robert Schafer
Cast:Joanne Whalley
Chris Messina


Separated by work, a couple arranges a video chat date night in Eleanor Coppola’s bittersweet drama. While Lainie (Joanne Whalley) dines at their favorite LA bistro, film director Jack (Chris Messina), on location, makes do at a rustic Montana eatery. Throughout the effervescent, romantic evening, they flirt, eat, toast, and Jack begs Lainie to join him—but does he mean it?