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From Mexico, Con Amor
Rafael 2 Sun, Oct 7 1:30 PM
As part of our ¡Viva el Cine! initiative, this eclectic collection of short films is brought to us by our friends and neighbors in Mexico, in collaboration with the Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia. Join us for a lively medley of animation and live action, curated for audiences of all ages—and for both Spanish and English speakers alike—to enjoy. From music-loving mosquitoes to a boy who loves to draw, it is a lively celebration of curiosity and creativity. A Hole (El agujero) (Maribel Suárez, 2016, 5 min), Lucy vs. the Limits of Voice (Lucy contra los límites de la voz) (Mónica Herrera, 2014, 10 min), Bzzz (Anna Cetti & Guicho Nuñez, 2016, 4 min), Stardust (Polvo de estrellas) (Aldo Sotelo Lázaro, 2017, 14 min), Mateo and the Cinema (Mateo y el cine) (Luis Felipe Hernández Alanis, 2015, 4 min), Tintico's Afternoons (Las tardes de Tintico) (Alejandro García Caballero, 2016, 11 min)
Film Info
Running Time:6 min.
Director:Luis Téllez
Producer:Karla Castañeda
Screenwriter:Luis Téllez
Cinematographer:L. Pampini
Cast:Javier Castanedo
Javier Lacroix
María Guadalupel
Alejandro Romero


A young mouse learns a tough lesson about the importance of eating well—and listening to your mother.