Virus Tropical


Lark Theatre Fri, Oct 12, 2018 6:00 PM
Sequoia 2 Sun, Oct 14, 2018 11:30 AM
Film Info
Category:Animation Nation
Viva El Cine
Mind the Gap
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:96 min.
Director:Santiago Caicedo
Producer:Carolina Barrera
Santiago Caicedo
Screenwriter:Enrique Lozano
Santiago Caicedo
Editor:Simón Hernández
Jorge Vallejo
Santiago Caicedo
Cast:María Cecilia Sánchez
Martina Toro
Alejandra Borrero
Diego León Hoyos
Mara Gutiérrez
María Parada
Print Source:Stray Dogs
Note Writer:Elliott Breeden


This exquisitely animated coming-of-age tale, based on the graphic novel memoir by Colombian-Ecuadorian artist Power Paola, follows Paola from her conception to the trials and tribulations of young adulthood. In Quito, Ecuador, Paola navigates life as the baby of the family, constantly at odds with her older sisters and her loving but stern parents—her father an ex-priest who gives them communion at home, her mother a fortune teller. The film charts their family dysfunction in a frank and refreshing manner thanks to the distinct voice of Paola, imbuing Virus Tropical with an intimacy that renders it funny, tender, and moving all at once. The beautiful black-and-white animation style stays true to the film’s origins, capturing both the nostalgia and anguish of growing up. The first feature of video artist and animator Santiago Caicedo, Virus Tropical won audience awards at the SXSW and BAFICI Film Festivals.

Expected Guest: Writer/Graphic Novelist Powerpaola (All Screenings)

Additional Information

Santiago Caicedo (1976) is a Colombian artist and filmmaker. His work, difficult to label, revolves around motion graphics, animation, stereoscopy, video art, and film. His short films have screened at numerous festivals around the world, including Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand, and SIGGRAPH, and have received many international awards. Caicedo’s work enhances graphics and fantasy in a unique style where he vanishes all references to common times or places and takes us away on trips to strange worlds.