Two Plains & a Fancy


Rafael 3 Fri, Oct 5, 2018 8:45 PM
Century Larkspur 3 Sun, Oct 7, 2018 7:00 PM
Film Info
Category:Mind the Gap
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:89 min.
Director:Lev Kalman
Whitney Horn
Producer:Annalise Lockhart
Nathan Silver
C. Mason Wells
Screenwriter:Lev Kalman
Whitney Horn
Sarah Dziedzic
Cinematographer:Whitney Horn
Editor:Lev Kalman
Whitney Horn
Cast:Benjamin Crotty
Laetitia Dosch
Marianna McClellan
Andre Frechette III
Travis Nutting
Michael Murphy
Print Source:Two Plains & a Fancy, LLC
Note Writer:David Fear


Welcome to Colorado 1893, home to friendly small towns with world-famous hot springs—the kind of attraction perfect for big city visitors like a New York dandy (Benjamin Crotty), a former confidence woman (Marianna McCellan), and a Parisian geologist (Laetitia Dosch, Keeper, MVFF 2015). These curious tourists hope to sample the local healing waters, but along the way, horny fashion-forward yokels, ghostly belle du jour spirits, and your run-of-the-mill time travelers from the future keep dropping detours into their path. Blessed with gorgeous Super 16mm cinematography and campy, deadpan dialogue (“What these horses need is a taste of the pistol!”), this fractured frontier tale from lo-fi filmmaking duo Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn (L for Leisure) is one strange trip through the old, weird American West, an absurdist horse opera in the spirit of Hal Hartley.

Expected Guests: Directors Whitney Horn and Lev Kalman (Oct. 5)

Additional Information

Lev Kalman (b. 1982) and Whitney Horn (b. 1982) have been making films together since 2003, when they were undergraduates in New York City. Their distinctive style blends lo-fi 16mm photography, dreamy electronic music, philosophic musings, and steady bursts of absurdist humor. Their films Blondes in the Jungle (2009) and L for Leisure (2014) have played at festivals including Rotterdam, BFI London, and BAMCinemaFest. Kalman is based in San Diego, and Horn in San Francisco. Two Plains & a Fancy is their second feature.