A Ton o' Toons

  • A Priori A Priori
  • Awaker Awaker
  • Coin Operated Coin Operated
  • Dark, Dark Woods Dark, Dark Woods
  • I Want to Live in the Zoo I Want to Live in the Zoo
  • Lion Lion
  • Outdoors Outdoors
  • Painted Painted
  • Post No Bills Post No Bills
  • Rouff Rouff
  • Superperson Superperson
  • Two Balloons Two Balloons
  • Undiscovered Undiscovered


Rafael 2 Sat, Oct 6, 2018 11:30 AM
Rafael 1 Fri, Oct 12, 2018 10:30 AM
Lark Theatre Sun, Oct 14, 2018 11:45 AM
Film Info
Category:Animation Nation
Short Films
Section:Family Films
Czech Republic
Running Time:73 min.
Note Writer:Joanne Parsont


This baker’s dozen of short films from all corners of the globe showcases the incredible imagination and inspiration of today’s talented animators. Bats that live in libraries? Lemurs that fly dirigibles? Posters that come to life? A little girl who lives in a zoo? Lions that need more exercise to catch their prey? A princess who hates royal life? Water buffaloes that give you a ride to school? They’re all here—and so much more: Coin Operated (Nicholas Arioli, US 2017, 5 min), Rouff (Benjamin Brand, Johannes Engelhardt, Markus Eschrich, Johannes Lumer, & Julius Rosen, Germany 2017, 7 min), Dark Dark Woods (Emile Gignoux & Mik Løvenbalch Kirchheiner, Denmark 2017, 6 min), Awaker (Probouzec) (Filip Diviak, Czech Republic 2017, 9 min), Undiscovered (Sara Litzenberger, US 2017, 3 min), A Priori (Maïté Schmitt, France 2017, 6 min), I Want to Live in the Zoo (Evgenia Golubeva, UK 2017, 6 min), Painted (Olivia Derie, Belgium 2017, 4 min), Two Balloons (Mark Smith, US 2017, 9 min), Post No Bills (Robin Hays & Andy Poon, Canada 2017, 5 min), Lion (Löwe) (Julia Ocker, Germany 2018, 4 min), Superperson (Philip Watts, Australia 2017, 2 min), Outdoors (Sarah Chalek, France 2017, 7 min). Age 6+

Expected Guests:
Director Nicholas Arioli; Producer Jessica Sittig (Coin Operated)  (All Screenings)
Directors Robin Hayes and Andy Poon; Actor Noodle Boy (Post No Bills)  (Oct. 12)
Art Director Kathleen Chamberlin; Animation Director Teresa Drilling (Two Balloons)  (Oct. 12, 14)

Oct 12 screening is a CFI Education program open to school groups and the general public

Included Shorts

Coin Operated (5min) More
Rouff (7min) More
Dark, Dark Woods (6min) More
Awaker (9min) More
Undiscovered (3min) More
A Priori (6min) More
I Want to Live in the Zoo (6min) More
Painted (4min) More
Two Balloons (10min) More
Post No Bills (5min) More
Lion (4min) More
Superperson (1min) More
Outdoors (7min) More