The Silent Revolution (Das schweigende Klassenzimmer)


Sequoia 1 Tue, Oct 9, 2018 2:30 PM
Rafael 3 Wed, Oct 10, 2018 6:15 PM
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:111 min.
Director:Lars Kraume
Producer:Miriam Düssel
Susanne Freyer
Screenwriter:Lars Kraume
Cinematographer:Jens Harant
Editor:Barbara Gies
Cast:Leonard Scheicher
Tom Gramenz
Lena Klenke
Isaiah Michalski
Jonas Dassler
Ronald Zehrfeld
Print Source:Pyramide Films
Note Writer:Michael LoPresti


Director Lars Kraume (The People vs. Fritz Bauer) crafts another poignant and gripping portrait of mid-1950s Germany with The Silent Revolution. Two teenage boys sneak into a West German movie theater hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite pin-up, but come away bowled over by a newsreel depiction of Hungarian students taking to the streets in an effort to drive out the Soviet forces occupying their country. The actions of youth not much older than themselves inspires the teens and their classmates to make their own gesture of solidarity—two minutes of silence during class. To their surprise, this small act of defiance precipitates a chain of events that will test their friendships, their principles, the bonds of family, and the power structures that underlie the post-Nazi Soviet occupation. Remarkable performances by a new generation of German talent animate this powerful period drama with haunting parallels to our own era of creeping fascism.

Additional Information

Lars Kraume is a German filmmaker whose directing work has proved to be extremely versatile. Kraume has worked extensively in film and television, including the series Tatort and KDD, and films Viktor Vogel (2001), The Coming Days (2010), The People vs Fritz Bauer (2015), Familienfest (2015), and his latest work, The Silent Revolution.