Shoplifters (Manbiki Kazoku)



Lark Theatre Sat, Oct 6, 2018 5:00 PM
Rafael 1 Tue, Oct 9, 2018 3:00 PM
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:121 min.
Director:Hirokazu Kore-eda
Producer:Hirokazu Kore-eda
Screenwriter:Hirokazu Kore-eda
Cinematographer:Kondo Ryuto
Editor:Hirokazu Kore-eda
Cast:Franky Lily
Matsuoka Mayu
Jyo Kairi
Ando Sakura
Kiki Kilin
Sasaki Miyu
Print Source:Magnolia Pictures
Note Writer:Tim Grierson


Master filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda (Like Father, Like Son; After the Storm, MVFF 2016) often focuses on the tenuous bonds of family in his intimate dramas, but that theme has rarely been expressed as beautifully as it is in this quietly devastating gem. The winner of the Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or, Shoplifters concerns Osamu (Kore-eda regular Lily Franky), a kindly, elderly patriarch living in poverty who steals to make ends meet. When he and his son stumble upon a scared, abused little girl, Osamu decides to take her into his makeshift home—but is it a kidnapping or a rescue? Shoplifters wrestles with that question as it explores each member of Osamu’s extended family, showing how no two characters’ relationship is the same. Fans of Kore-eda’s hushed storytelling style will find a movie that’s uncommonly lovely and bittersweet, and for the uninitiated, Shoplifters is a marvelous place to become acquainted with one of international cinema’s most compassionate voices.

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Additional Information

Born 1962 in Tokyo, Japan. Hirokazu Kore-eda graduated from Waseda University in 1987, where he joined TV Man Union directing several prize-winning documentary programs. His narrative directorial debut Maborosi (1995) won the Golden Osella for Best Cinematography, as well as prizes at the Chicago and Vancouver International Film Festivals. His next two features, After Life (1998) and Distance (2001) received widespread acclaim and screened at countless international film festivals. His fourth feature Nobody Knows (2004) garnered much attention for becoming the youngest person ever to receive the Cannes Film Festival’s Best Actor Award. His subsequent features include Still Walking (2008), Air Doll (2009), After the Storm (2016), and The Third Murder (2017). After winning a pair of awards at Cannes for Like Father, Like Son (2013), Kore-eda won the coveted Palme d’Or in 2018 for Shoplifters.