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Film Info
Category:Black Is
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:96 min.
Director:Jamie Jones
Producer:Emily Jones
Ross Williams
Screenwriter:Jamie Jones
Cinematographer:Albert Salas
Editor:Agnieszka Liggett
Cast:Marcus Rutherford
Sophie Kennedy Clark
Sam Gittens
T’Nia Miller
Jay Walker
Print Source:Wide Management
Note Writer:Jesse Knight


Adjusting to life outside the foster care system proves challenging for 19-year-old East Londoner Leon, whose aimless friends are a toxic influence, while his tippler mum seems to need mothering even more than he does. Unable to find steady work, his sole comfort is time spent at the boxing gym. When he meets the free-spirited and high-minded Twiggy (Sophie Kennedy Clark, Nymphomaniac), Leon sees a viable escape from his dead-end existence. But as tensions mount after an unarmed Black man is murdered by police, the streets descend into a war zone, and Leon must choose where his allegiances lie. In his first feature film, writer-director Jamie Jones balances a powerful coming-of-age story with a fiery recreation of the class and racial divide that led to the 2011 London riots. As Leon, newcomer Marcus Rutherford is a knockout, mixing imposing intensity with raw-nerve vulnerability in this unforgettable film.

Additional Information

Jamie Jones started making films in 2000. He was drawn to complex stories that were happening in and around his hometown of Swansea to do with violence and poverty. His first documentary, Fighters (2006), ignited a theme often addressed throughout his films why poverty so often evokes violence. His next documentary, Heroin to Heaven (2006), focused on evangelical Christians working with homeless drug addicts and alcoholics. After a career of making shorts, documentaries, music videos, and commercials, Jamie made his first feature, Obey, exploring why poverty so often pushes people to extremes.