Holly Near: Singing for Our Lives



Sequoia 1 Sun, Oct 7, 2018 3:00 PM
Rafael 2 Mon, Oct 8, 2018 3:15 PM
Film Info
Mind the Gap
Running Time:70 min.
Premiere Status:World
Director:Jim Brown
Producer:Donna Korones
Jim Brown
Heather A. Smith
Cinematographer:Peter Pilafian
Jenni Morello
Gabriel Caso
Jim Brown
Editor:Pat Murphy
Bruce Connors
Ryan Kupchik
Alexander Tolmachyov
Print Source:Jim Brown Productions
Note Writer:Melissa Howden


Singer, songwriter, and social activist Holly Near has been performing for well over 50 years and in the process created what Gloria Steinem called, “the first soundtrack of the women’s movement.” From small-town Northern California to sold-out shows on some of the most iconic stages to million-person peace marches, Singing for Our Lives documents the story of the activist and her art. It also serves as an important testament to a time—a time of protest and coalition building, and the weaving of a multicultural consciousness always rooted in contemporary activism. Featuring Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, Ronnie Gilbert, and Tom Hayden with appearances by Pete Seeger, and others, this film, directed by Jim Brown (The Weavers: Wasn’t That a Time), elevates Near to her deserved status of iconic artist and activist, and speaks to anyone who believes in peace, justice, feminism, and humanity.

Expected Guests: Director Jim Brown; Producer Donna Korones; Subject Holly Near  (Oct. 7)

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Additional Information

Jim Brown is a four-time Emmy Award®-winning producer/director and heads Jim Brown Productions in New York. He is responsible for some of the most popular and critically acclaimed musical documentary programs of the last four decades. He has produced and directed over 120 documentaries, concerts, and segments for television, and has had four of his documentaries released theatrically. Brown is also a tenured professor at the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and he is an avid outdoor enthusiast and gardener who lives in the Hudson Valley, New York area.