Surviving International Boulevard: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

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Rafael 2 Sat, May 5, 2018 3:00 PM
Ghana’s Lake Volta, the most massive man-made lake in the world, is also the site of a monumental human rights failure: the selling of area children into slavery. This riveting, gorgeously photographed documentary by Bay Area filmmakers Zachary Fink and Alyssa Fedele chronicles the brave efforts to find these children, bring them to safety, and return them to their families of origin. The film (whose makers participated in DocLands' DocPitch, 2017) features a charismatic central savior, Kwame, who survived captivity himself as a child and is determined to rescue others. A knowing score, patient editing pace, and care with close-ups allow powerful emotions to fully flower on screen as the adolescents that Kwame has liberated get rehabilitated at a safe house. Expert cinematography enriches our understanding of this difficult and surprising process—from the overhead shots that capture the lake’s epic scale to handheld, vérité-style missions that follow Kwame into dangerous negotiations w
Film Info
Running Time:22 min.
Director:Sian Taylor Gowan
Producer:Sian Taylor Gowan
Cinematographer:Kent Kessinger
Anna Shen
and Keith Curry
Editor:Mario Escobar and Sabereh Kashi
Cast:Sarai Theolinda Smith Mazariegos
Regina Evans


The complex reality of domestic child sex trafficking is revealed through the experiences of two local women from Oakland, California.

IN PERSON: Director Sian Taylor Gowan

Additional Information

Founder and filmmaker of Red Scarf Films, Sian Taylor Gowan makes her directorial debut with Surviving International Boulevard, bringing attention to the plight of local children and teens being sex trafficked in our midst. With a passion for social cause work and a professional background in nonprofit advertising and outreach, Sian has served as Board Member for Afghans4Tomorrow and as Advertising Director for progressive independent news site Combining her creative production skills and nonprofit experience, Sian created Red Scarf Films in order to produce social cause films for awareness and community action.