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A River's Last Chance
Rafael 2 Fri, May 4, 2018 9:00 PM
One of the most diverse rivers in the United States, the Eel, ran dry in 2014—for the first time in history. Once victimized by logging, damming, and drought, the Eel faced new challenges in the new century from some of California’s favorite commodities: wine and weed. This urgent and compelling documentary makes a renewed case for regulation and collaboration in protecting this vital resource. The story as told offers as many twists as the river itself (such as Ronald Reagan coming to the region’s rescue to prevent a dam from being built). The panoramic photography of devastation and re-growth is spellbinding. Historical footage and newspaper clippings testify to the generational cycles of damage and repair to the Eel. Just as the salmon, who at points lost 99% of their historical population, keep bouncing back, solutions keep emerging fresh from stakeholders who stubbornly back their optimism with action. IN PERSON: Director Shane Anderson; Producers Jason Hartwick, Jeff Thompson P
Film Info
Running Time:23 min.
Director:David Zlutnick
Flavia Cassani
Producer:David Zlutnick
Flavia Cassani
Cinematographer:David Zlutnick
Editor:David Zlutnick


From seed to harvest, a cinematic look at the beauty of a small, family-run cannabis farm in California's famed Emerald Triangle.

IN PERSON: Directors Flavia Cassani, David Zlutnick; Film Subjects Guthridge Family

Additional Information

Flavia Cassani is an entrepreneur, conservationist, and film enthusiast.

David Zlutnick is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and video producer based in San Francisco. David’s work has covered a wide range of themes and a diverse landscape from post-Katrina New Orleans to the refugee camps of the Palestinian West Bank, from Apache territory in Arizona to rural villages in Malawi. His short documentaries are regularly featured in a variety of media outlets and his films have been screened extensively across the US and internationally.