Person of the Forest

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Sequoia 2 Sun, May 6, 2018 1:45 PM
The vibrant green Ecuadorian Amazon, bursting with life, is the star of this eco-adventure. With generous help of a local Huaorani family, two young British men set out to make a traditional dugout canoe and row it down a river. It’s an arduous journey, but this duo is all charm as they encounter the taste of howler monkey, overcome G.I. woes, and evade unfriendly darts. Jay, the Huaorani master carpenter, not only does the lion’s share of the carving work but generously guides the young men through the forest, introducing them to the delicacies of the forest: delicious insects, fermentable fruits, useful plant poisons. But where peaceful collaboration is the mode at Huaorani base camp, a series of challenges faces them on the river. The mystery lies in just how and in what shape these two—propelled by unflagging optimism in extremely unfamiliar territory—will arrive at journey’s end. | US PREMIERE 2018 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival—Best Artistic Film Preceded by PERSON OF THE FO
Film Info
Running Time:16 min.
Director:Melissa Lesh
Tim Laman
Producer:Melissa Lesh
Trevor Frost
Tim Laman
Cinematographer:Trevor Frost
Tim Laman
Robert Rodriguez Suro
Editor:Melissa Lesh
Cast:Cheryl Knott
Richard Wrangham
Tim Laman
Robert Rodriguez Suro


In the vanishing lowland rainforests of Borneo, a team of environmentalists seeks to understand the unique cultural behavior of wild orangutans before it’s too late.

Additional Information

Documentary filmmaker Melissa Lesh is the director and editor of Person of the Forest which premiered at Mountainfilm Festival in 2017 and has received an Award of Merit from Impact Doc Awards and First Place at the Animal Behavior Society Film Festival. Lesh founded Emerging Earth Films as a way to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences, focusing on natural history and conservation stories. Her first award-winning documentary, James River Sturgeon, was a collaboration with scientists to uncover the uncharted migration of the endangered Atlantic Sturgeon. Lesh has filmed for clients such as PBS, National Geographic magazine, Nat Geo Wild, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.