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Rafael 2 Fri, May 4, 2018 3:45 PM
When it’s completed, the barrier between Palestinians and Israelis will stretch about 300 miles longer than the Berlin Wall. While Israelis feel protected by it, Palestinians are cut off from their land, water, and, of course, each other—having to negotiate tortuous routes and endure arbitrary waits at multiple checkpoints just to go about their daily lives. Based on the 2009 monologue by renowned British playwright and screenwriter David Hare, Wall ruminates on the terminology, the philosophy, and the reality of what the Israelis call a “security fence” and the Palestinians “an apartheid wall.” Troubling questions are made comprehensible with black-and-white animation that has a hand-crafted feel. Canadian director Cam Christiansen creates a malleable canvas for Hare’s journey of inquiry, revealing the bleak realities of the Occupation through the eyes of various Israelis and Palestinians the author has gotten to know. Outsiders, the filmmakers wisely do not offer a solution, o
Film Info
Running Time:16 min.
Director:Molly Stuart
Producer:Molly Stuart
Daniel Bernardi
Amitai Ben Abba
Cinematographer:Molly Stuart & Andrés Gallegos
Editor:Molly Stuart


Torn between love of country, family, and her dedication to Palestinian rights, a young Israeli woman refuses her military service.

IN PERSON: Molly Stuart

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Molly Stuart is an emerging filmmaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has directed, filmed, and edited documentaries about a variety of social issues ranging from the history of the U.S. labor movement to migrant farmworker struggles. Her latest short film, Objector, has screened in over a dozen film festivals internationally and won several awards including Best Short from ALBA Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. She is currently earning an MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, where she won the Bill Nichols Excellence in Cinema Award and the Canon Best in Show Award.