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Rafael 2 Sun, May 6, 2018 2:00 PM
“Every refugee has a dream.” These are the opening words of Mariam Shaar, one of 50,000 refugees in a 1 km-square camp just south of Beirut. With determination and smarts, she and a team of other enterprising women refugees resolve to grow her small catering business to support her family and provide work for the women. Mariam names it Soufra, or “spread,” in Arabic, and aspires to operate a food truck, using its revenue to build a children’s center. Obstacles emerge, suspense builds, and frustrations rise. Will these women be able to transcend the limitations imposed upon them as refugees? Throughout the unfolding drama, a bevy of colorful, mouthwatering food parades by. As the industrious women create dishes with flair and skill, the food provides nourishment for bellies and souls. Beautifully filmed with great sensitivity, we root for Mariam’s success, her courage reminding us that refugees everywhere dream of a better life. IN PERSON: Producer Gretchen Thomas Preceded by
Film Info
Running Time:16 min.
Director:Irina Patkanian
Producer:Irina Patkanian
Screenwriter:Irina Patkanian
Cinematographer:Gus Ford
Editor:Irina Patkanian


This unique short animated documentary is based on and features the sculptures of a Mozambican artist whose creations comment on war, resistance, and hope.

Additional Information

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Irina Patkanian is a William J. Fulbright Fellow, an award-winning filmmaker, and the president of In Parenthesis, a nonprofit media arts company. She creates hybrid documentaries of fact and fiction, poetry and history, live action and animation. She is a recipient of grants from American Association of University Women, New York State Council of the Arts, Tow, Blaustein, Troy and Jerome Foundations. She lives in New York and is a currently working on a documentary film opera Iphigenia: Story of a Refugee.