The Valley of the Wolves

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Sequoia 2 Sat, May 5, 2018 9:00 PM
Rafael 3 Sun, May 6, 2018 5:00 PM
Film Info
Section:The Great Outdoors
Running Time:90 min.
Director:Jean-Michel Bertrand
Producer:Jean-Pierre Bailly
Cinematographer:Marie Amiguet
Jean-Michel Bertrand
Editor:Laurence Buchmann
Print Source:Pathé
Note Writer:Joni Cooper


Over three years, filmmaker and wildlife enthusiast Jean-Michel Bertrand traipses over mountain and valley in a remote area of the French Alps in his quest to pinpoint a family of wolves he believes—with all his heart—have established a den there. With unabating good humor and infinite patience and enthusiasm, he keeps himself, and the viewer, amused as he spends days and weeks alone in a blind, with his cameras at the ready. Through both the splendid days of summer and the deep snows of winter, he heads out with minimal gear and seemingly survives on tough bread and cheese, a feast of salami, and a bit of honey and now and then. The boundless sweeping beauty of these lands is captured magnificently and, with few words spoken, we begin to understand why this place is essential and why keeping it wild is so important.

Preceded by WRANGLING RUSSIA US 2017, 11 min, Director Ilie Mitaru
IN PERSON: Director Ilie Mitaru

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Additional Information

Jean-Michel Bertrand is a director and cinematographer, known for La vallée des loups (2016), Vertige d'une rencontre (2009) and C à vous (2009).