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Rafael 2 Sun, May 6, 2018 2:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Art of Impact
Running Time:73 min.
Director:Thomas Morgan
Producer:Trevor Hall
Thomas Morgan
Kathleen Glynn
Craig Piligian
Susan Sarandon
Anderson Hinsch
Barrie Landry
Jessie Creel
Luke Jones
Marc Nicholson
Screenwriter:Mohamed El Manasterly
Cinematographer:Johny Karam
Editor:Mohamed El Manasterly
Print Source:Pilgrim Media
Note Writer:Lorraine Hess


“Every refugee has a dream.” These are the opening words of Mariam Shaar, one of 50,000 refugees in a 1 km-square camp just south of Beirut. With determination and smarts, she and a team of other enterprising women refugees resolve to grow her small catering business to support her family and provide work for the women. Mariam names it Soufra, or “spread,” in Arabic, and aspires to operate a food truck, using its revenue to build a children’s center. Obstacles emerge, suspense builds, and frustrations rise. Will these women be able to transcend the limitations imposed upon them as refugees? Throughout the unfolding drama, a bevy of colorful, mouthwatering food parades by. As the industrious women create dishes with flair and skill, the food provides nourishment for bellies and souls. Beautifully filmed with great sensitivity, we root for Mariam’s success, her courage reminding us that refugees everywhere dream of a better life.

IN PERSON: Producer Gretchen Thomas

Preceded by LITTLE FIEL US 2017, 16 min, Director Irina Patkanian

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Thomas Morgan attended college at Central Michigan University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1990. In 2009, Morgan left the corporate world behind to become a documentary filmmaker and activist. In Storied Streets, Morgan captures the painful reality of homelessness in America. With the 2013 documentary short film Waiting for Mamu, he speaks to the power of one through the story of Pushpa Basnet, who at age 21 began helping free children from the prison floors in Nepal. He recently executive produced Silenced (2014) and India’s Daughter (2015).