Into Twin Galaxies - A Greenland Epic

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Rafael 3 Fri, May 4, 2018 9:15 PM
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Film Info
Section:The Great Outdoors
Running Time:52 min.
Premiere Status:California
Director:Jochen Schmoll
Producer:Red Bull Media House
Cast:Sarah McNair-Landry
Ben Stookesberry
Erik Boomer
Print Source:Red Bull Media House
Note Writer:Dennis Harvey


Prepare to be awed and humbled as you watch pro kayakers Erik Boomer and Ben Stookesberry embark on a 1,000-kilometer “most epic expedition ever” with polar expert Sarah McNair Landry. Their objective is running an unknown river canyon, only known from satellite photos, to the Arctic Ocean. But before then, they’ll have a wee “ice cap challenge” that requires hauling kayaks, 45 days of food and additional equipment from Greenland’s east coast to its west—sometimes on foot, sometimes kite-skiing. En route, they witness some drastic evidence of climate change in the area’s hottest summer ever, though it's worth noting that in this particular location that means you might still freeze to death. Other thrills include precarious travel in ice tunnels beneath collapsible snow bridges, not to mention a few off-the-chart kayaking runs over frigid waterfalls. It’s a grueling journey of crazy risks and phenomenal beauties that’s captured to stunning effect by director Jochen Schmoll. | CALIFORNIA PREMIERE

NY WILD Film Festival 2018—Best Exploration Film

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COLORS OF CHANGE GREENLAND 2018, 21 min, Director Jenny Nichols

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Additional Information

Born in Ludwigburg, Germany, Jochen Schmoll is a filmmaker, director, and director of photography who has become known in the sports film world for his numerous documentaries, commercials, and branded content productions for Gore-Tex, Jack Wolfskin, and Red Bull. A skilled extreme sport DOP, Schmoll covers top athletes achieving their personal goals, often accompanying them on expeditions. He is fluent in German, English, Spanish, and is based in Barcelona with an office in Germany.