Becoming Who I Was


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Film Info
South Korea
Running Time:100 min.
Director:Moon Chang-Yong
Jeon Jin
Producer:Moon Chang-Yong
Jeon Jin
Screenwriter:Moon Chang-Yong
Jeon Jin
Cinematographer:Moon Chang-Yong
Jeon Jin
Editor:Moon Chang-Yong
Jeon Jin
Print Source:Sonamu Pictures
Note Writer:Lorraine Hess


Padma Angdu is a rosy-cheeked young Rinpoche, or reincarnation of a spiritual master. Assigned to the care of a local lama, Urgyan Rickzen, in the remote, mountainous Ladakh region of southern India, Padma’s destiny is to reunite with his monastic order in Tibet. The film depicts their relationship over eight years with incredible intimacy. When they finally embark on the arduous journey to Tibet, obstacles emerge: China’s anti-Tibetan politics, lack of money, and difficult terrain. Nevertheless, through the years, the filmmakers capture wonderfully joyful activities, perfectly fitting boyhood in any walk of life. The film moves from the deeply personal to the universal, with breathtaking drone shots of the two trekking on snowy mountain peaks, accompanied by heart-stirring music. The filmmakers beautifully navigate the relationship between guardian and spiritual master, father and son. What emerges—in the most artful way—is an epic story about love, sacrifice, and profound attachment.

Berlinale 2017—Grand Prix Generation Kplus International Jury Prize
2017 Hot Docs—Top 20 Audience Favorite

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Additional Information

Chang-Yong Moon is a South Korean multi-award-winning director and cinematographer who has been creating documentaries for Korea's major broadcasters since 1998. His awards include EBS Prize for Excellence (2009); KIPA Best Documentary Award Grand Prize (2011) for Steel Route: The History of Civilization; KCTTA Work of Art Prize (2012) for Unfinished War of the Yellow Sea; and KBS Prize For Excellence (2013) for 1 Hectare of Happiness.

Jin Jeon is a producer/director, raised in Africa and currently producing documentaries in South Korea for a global audience. She grew up in four countries and completed her Master's degree at the University of Cape Town. Her credits include Spring Day (2012) and 1 Hectare of Happiness (2013), awarded the KBS Prize for Excellence.