Ask The Sexpert

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Sequoia 1 Sat, May 5, 2018 8:30 PM
Film Info
Running Time:83 min.
Director:Vaishali Sinha
Producer:Vaishali Sinha
Mridu Chandra
Cinematographer:Anup Singh
Editor:Myles Kane & Ashish Ravinran
Cast:Dr. Mahinder Watsa
Print Source:Coast to Coast Films
Note Writer:Shari Kizirian


How did sex get to be a taboo subject in the land of the Kama Sutra? That mystery won’t be solved here, but more intimate questions do get answered by Mumbai’s resident sexpert, Dr. Mahinder Watsa. Whether approached through his popular newspaper column or at his doorstep, the 91-year-old former gynecologist and sex educator offers nonjudgmental advice to India’s sexually forlorn. Watsa separates science from superstition, patiently hearing out the (often hilariously) misinformed before delivering the relief-inducing prognosis: “it’s normal.” Yet the idea of openly discussing sexual pleasure stirs up the social conservatives, and the doctor gets sued regularly by the likes of Dr. Pratihba Naitthani who admits, “I’m not interested in people’s sexual health.” That mostly heterosexual men do the asking is another indicator of how much more work Watsa has to do, but if a placid demeanor and quick wit are indicators of longevity, he’s got time.

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IN PERSON: Co-director J.P. Dobrin

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Additional Information

Vaishali Sinha previously co-directed and produced the feature documentary Made in India, about the personal stories behind the phenomenon of outsourcing surrogate mothers to India. The film premiered at Hot Docs Film Festival and aired on PBS in 2012. Ask The Sexpert is Sinha’s second feature-length documentary, and a presentation of her company, Coast to Coast Films. Sinha has also produced numerous shorts. She has received support for her films from ITVS, the MacArthur Foundation, Tribeca Film Institute, Catapult Fund, Firelight Media, Playboy Foundation, Chicken & Egg Pictures, The Fledgling Fund, Center for Asian American Media, Mozilla, Ford Foundation, Nextpix, and more.