Rafael 3 Sat, Oct 14, 2017 2:30 PM
Sequoia 2 Sun, Oct 15, 2017 11:30 AM
Film Info
Category:Mind the Gap
Running Time:91 min.
Premiere Status:North American
Director:Dagmar Seume
Producer:Jan Kromschröder
Eva Holtmann
Screenwriter:Caroline Hecht
Cinematographer:Gunnar Fuss
Editor:Dora Vajda
Cast:Jule Hermann
Jasmin Gerat
Maren Kroymann
Benjamin Sadler
Julius Hotz
Note Writer:Whitney Summers


Dagmar Seume’s picturesque film about a resilient young equestrian and a very special horse is a moving story, punctuated with humor and joy, about family ties, resilience, compassion, and courage. It’s been a year since Wendy took a fall from her horse that has kept her out of the saddle. Though recovered from her injury, even the love and encouragement of her family isn’t enough to make her ride again. Everything changes when Wendy meets a neglected horse that desperately needs her help. Initially unsure of this spirited, forgotten creature, Wendy cannot resist her gentle and sweet new friend Dixie. The two must work together in secret to gain each other’s trust. Though Dixie’s plight is a mystery to Wendy, she knows that there is more to this unique animal than meets the eye. Time is running out and Wendy knows she must conquer her fears and fight to save her beloved horse’s life. Age 8+

In association with Berlin & Beyond Film Festival.

Additional Information

Dagmar Seume was born in Lehnin, Germany in 1964 and started working in film in the early 1990s as an assistant director. She has worked with some of the most renowned directors in Germany on films, television shows, and commercials. In 2006, Seume wrote, directed, and co-produced her short feature debut, Remember, which was well received by many festivals around the world. Seume also works in television, where she directed movies for Tatort, Germany’s most popular TV crime series, viewed by over 10 million people every Sunday, and high concept family entertainment movies. Before starting her career in film, Seume worked as a gymnastics coach.