The Venerable W (Le Vénérable W)

  • Where Are You at, Barbet Schroeder? Where Are You at, Barbet Schroeder?


Rafael 1 Fri, Oct 6, 2017 3:30 PM
Century Larkspur 2 Wed, Oct 11, 2017 6:15 PM
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:100 min.
Premiere Status:US
Language:Burmese and English
Director:Barbet Schroeder
Producer:Margaret Menegoz
Lionel Baier
Screenwriter:Barbet Schroeder
Cinematographer:Victoria Clay Mendoza
Editor:Nelly Quettier
Print Source:Les Films du Losange/Bande à Part Films
Note Writer:Michael Fox


For some two decades, the Myanmar monk Wirathru has produced a stream of writings, sermons, and DVDs depicting and vilifying the Muslim Rohingyas—who number five percent of the country’s population—as subhumans determined to destroy Buddhism through immigration, intermarriage, and high reproduction rates. Gautama Buddha warned, “The innocent one, absorbing a drop at a time, can end up filled with evil,” and Wirathru seems to have adopted that as his mantra. Veteran filmmaker Barbet Schroeder (Amnesia, MVFF 2015) encourages the religious leader to recount his journey and expound on his inflammatory views in on-camera interviews, resulting in a chillingly close-up portrait of Islamophobic demagoguery. While Schroeder's camera does not turn away from the violence, the monk’s strangely soothing monotone and beatific smile are hauntingly unforgettable on their own.

In association with Center for Asian American Media.

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Additional Information

Barbet Schroeder was born in Tehran, Iran in 1941. He is a producer, director, and founder of “Les Films du Losange,” which produces some of the French Nouvelle Vague’s most noted movies.