Metamorphosis: Junior Year


Sequoia 1Sun, Oct 8, 2017 12:30 PM Not Available
Lark TheatreSun, Oct 15, 2017 1:30 PM Not Available
Film Info
Category:Mind the Gap
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:75 min.
Director:Alec Cohen-Schisler
Arjan Mobin
Brandon Fu
Christina Polanen
Dylan Griffith
Juan Santos
Peter Gold
Sadie Fearon
Sam Cook
Producer:Iris Torres
Tom Franco
Kimberly Parker
Screenwriter:Betsy Franco
Sadie Fearon
Adele Bloch
Ally Crawford
Clara Baker
Dajiana Huang
Gabe Cohen
Zachary Sanders
Cinematographer:Christina Voros
Danny Hammerson
Flora Hon
Leslie Garcia-Oblitas
Max Lenail
Misia Poray
Ryan Dickson
Teagan Cimring
William Dougall
Editor:Metric Cosmetics
Cast:Arash DeMaxi
Ava Hawk
Alonso Valdivia
Maya Donato
Jillian Li
Eva Stoneburner
Alexandra Esperanza
Print Source:Elysium Bandini Studios
Note Writer:Nadia Ismail


Metamorphosis: Junior Year is a film about becoming. Created by Palo Alto High School students in collaboration with James Franco and Esther Wojcicki, based on a Young Adult novel by Betsy Franco, this coming-of-age tale takes on the myriad themes which define youth: identity, sex, purpose, drugs, self-image. Haunted by the disappearance of his sister and plagued by his parent’s expectations, young artist Ovid uses mythology and drawings to understand the world around him while his friends become our window into current high school life—from potheads to poets and shoplifters to singers. Friendship, drama, betrayal, and redemption abound as we see how these teenagers relate to one another and the environment around them. Their transformations take on new resonance as we remember that growth is essential to all living things. Animated interludes add whimsy and originality to this modern mythology for a new generation.

Teen screenwriting workshop to follow the screening. Go to for details and registration information.

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Additional Information

Palo Alto High School and Elysium Bandini Studios unite in a film workshop to create a feature film with the students’ voices in mind. The workshop model is formed upon student agency and collaboration. About forty students are guided through pre-production, production, and post- production with the support of Elysium Bandini Studios. Founded by Jennifer Howell, James Franco, and Vince Jolivette, Elysium Bandini Studios is a philanthropic film studio that gives a focus to nurturing first-time and emerging filmmakers, making the collaboration with Palo Alto High School a perfect marriage for creativity. The Palo Alto Film Workshop is comprised of its students; producers Iris Torres, Tom Franco, and Kim Parker; writer Betsy Franco; professor James Franco, and educator Esther Wojcicki.