Loving Vincent


Rafael 1 Thu, Oct 5, 2017 7:00 PM
Film Info
Category:Mind the Gap
Focus: Polish Cinema
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:94 min.
Director:Dorota Kobiela
Hugh Welchman
Producer:Sean M. Bobbitt
Ivan Mactaggart
Hugh Welchman
Screenwriter:Jacek Dehnel
Dorota Kobiela
Hugh Welchman
Cinematographer:Tristan Oliver
Lukasz Zal
Editor:Dorota Kobiela
Justyna Wierszynska
Cast:Douglas Booth
Aidan Turner
Helen McCrory
Eleanor Tomlinson
Saoirse Ronan
Chris O'Dowd
Note Writer:Tim Grierson


FOCUS: POLISH CINEMA A labor of love rendered on a spectacular canvas, the animated Loving Vincent audaciously brings the visionary life and art of Vincent van Gogh to the big screen. Filmmakers Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman follow a postman’s son (Douglas Booth) in 1891 as he travels to the tiny French community of Auvers to deliver the last letter the tortured painter wrote his brother Theo before his death. Soon, the son’s journey becomes a quest to unravel the circumstances surrounding van Gogh’s mysterious end—which might not have been a suicide as previously believed. This historical whodunit doubles as a gorgeous crash course in the man’s influential oeuvre: The movie consists of 65,000 separate, oil-painted frames crafted by 125 painters working from live-action footage shot by the directors with their cast. Loving Vincent took seven years to complete, but its impact is instantaneous, immersing the viewer in the master’s flowing, passionate brushstrokes and complicated genius.

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Additional Information

Dorota Kobiela is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw—receiving the Minister of Culture scholarship for special achievements in painting and graphics for four consecutive years—and The Warsaw Film School. She has directed one live-action short film, The Hart in Hand (2006), and five animated shorts: The Letter (2004), Love Me (2004), Mr. Bear (2005), Chopin’s Drawings (2011), and Little Postman (2011). Little Postman was the world’s first (and, to her knowledge, still only) stereoscopic painting animation film, and won Stereoscopic Best Short Film at the LA 3D Film Festival, 3D Stereo Media (Liege), and 3D Film & Music Fest (Barcelona). Loving Vincent is Kobiela’s feature film debut, achieving her goal to combine her passion for painting and film.

Hugh Welchman graduated from Oxford University with a degree in PPE and a vague notion of wanting to make films. He supported himself by teaching history, selling carpets, and even selling fish, while he joined various grassroots film cooperatives in London, before attending The National Film & Television School. His graduation film, Crowstone, won the Cinefoundation Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. He got his first professional experience producing short films for Monty Python, before founding BreakThru Films. Peter and the Wolf, BreakThru’s first major production in 2008, received an Oscar, the Annecy Cristal, and the Rose D’or. After falling in love with Polish painter and director, Dorota Kobiela, Hugh also fell in love with her film project, Loving Vincent, and has been working with her on it ever since.