The Light of the Moon


Rafael 2 Mon, Oct 9, 2017 8:45 PM
Century Larkspur 3 Wed, Oct 11, 2017 6:00 PM
Film Info
Category:Mind the Gap
Active Cinema
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:90 min.
Director:Jessica M. Thompson
Producer:Michael Cuomo
Cinematographer:Autumn Eakin
Editor:Jessica M. Thompson
Cast:Stephanie Beatriz
Michael Stahl-David
Catherine Curtin
Print Source:The Film Collaborative
Note Writer:Julia Barbosa


While walking home alone from a party late one night, the life of a confident and successful young Brooklyn-based architect is tragically changed when a stranger sexually assaults her. She seemingly recovers, but the impact of that harrowing experience slowly leaves its imprint, shattering the dynamics of her personal and professional life. Carried by Stephanie Beatriz’s (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Short Term 12) nuanced, authentic performance, The Light of the Moon prefers not to center on the criminal repercussions of the assault; rather, it offers an unflinching and raw portrayal of the invisible wounds that painfully affect a victim’s psyche and subtly strain an intimate relationship following sexual trauma. A timely discussion on rape culture with a noticeable female perspective and sensibility both in content and style, director Jessica M. Thompson’s feature debut is unafraid to question taboos, society’s expectations of womanhood, and uncomfortable issues of guilt and self-worth—and like its thorny subject, the film offers no easy resolution.

Additional Information

Jessica M. Thompson is an Emmy®-nominated Australian filmmaker, writer, editor, and producer, who lives in New York City. She studied acting at three major Australian drama schools before attending film school in Sydney, where she met Carlo Velayo and quickly formed a formidable filmmaking duo. Together they have made several award-winning short films, including Hike, Percepio, and Across the Pond. As an editor, Thompson has worked with Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus, on the Sundance-winning film Watchers of the Sky, and on Cheryl Furjanic’s award-winning documentary Back on Board: Greg Louganis, which recently premiered on HBO. In 2011, Thompson founded Stedfast Productions, a collective of visual storytellers. The Light of the Moon is Thompson's feature directorial debut, which received the 2017 SXSW Audience Award for Narrative Feature Competition.