El Amparo


Century Larkspur 2 Mon, Oct 9, 2017 9:15 PM
Film Info
Category:Viva el Cine
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:99 min.
Director:Rober Calzadilla
Producer:Mariana Illas
Rubén Sierra Salles
Screenwriter:Karin Valecillos
Cinematographer:Michell Rivas
Editor:Gustavo Rondón Córdova
Mariana Rodriguez
Giovanny Garcia
Vicente Pena
Rossana Hernandez
Samantha Castillo
Note Writer:Delfin Vigil


Tension, apprehension and desperation flow like a river when 14 fishermen leave their village on the Venezuela/Colombia border to take their daily catch on the river, but only two return home. Caught up in a net of corruption, the men are jailed, swatting away confrontations with politicians and the press like the mosquitoes that previously represented their biggest problems, as they face accusations that they are responsible for their comrades’ disappearance. The pair must decide whether to give in to the temptation of bribery and falsely confess or stand up against injustice and honor their friends. Meanwhile the village rises together in anger and falls apart in grief as families decide which version of truth to believe in. In his remarkable and uplifting debut feature, director Rober Calzadilla focuses his lens on tenderness and vulnerability as a weapon in a drama based on a 1988 incident.