The Desert Bride


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Film Info
Category:Viva el Cine
Mind the Gap
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:78 min.
Director:Cecilia Atan
Valeria Pivato
Producer:Alejo Crisóstomo
Screenwriter:Cecilia Atan
Valeria Pivato
Cinematographer:Sergio Armstrong
Editor:Andrea Chignoli
Cast:Paulina García
Claudio Rissi
Print Source:Strand Releasing
Note Writer:Rod Armstrong


A reserved woman finds her horizons and worldview subtly transformed during a journey across rural western Argentina in this warm and delicate film. Teresa (the phenomenal Paulina García, Gloria, MVFF 2013) has worked for the same Buenos Aires family for over 30 years, but their failing finances spell an end to her position. Traveling to her new job located far from the city in Argentina's arid Cuyo region, the cautious Teresa is left with several hours to kill in a small town. There, several events transpire—a lost handbag, a windstorm, the offer of a ride from a garrulous stranger—that lead her to reflect on her closed-off attitude, while the vast expanse of her environment begins to liberate her from the anxieties that urban living have induced. In this way, the locale's rugged terrain and history play a role just as important as the film's characters do, with Sergio Armstrong's handsome cinematography providing the backdrop to Teresa's small but significant transformation.

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