Ciao Ciao


Rafael 2 Fri, Oct 6, 2017 9:00 PM
Rafael 2 Mon, Oct 9, 2017 6:00 PM
Film Info
Category:Mind the Gap
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:83 min.
Premiere Status:North American
Director:Song Chuan
Producer:Guillaume de la Boulaye
Screenwriter:Song Chuan
Cinematographer:LI Xuejun
Editor:Jean-Marie Lengellé
Cast:Liang Xueqin
Zhang Yu
Hong Chang
Print Source:Zorba Production
Note Writer:David Fear


They say you can never really go home again—a notion that, unfortunately for Ciao Ciao (Liang Xueqin), can’t be taken literally. Young, restless, and permanently attached to her cellphone, this twentysomething city dweller is stuck killing time in her backwater birthplace in the Yunnan province. Out of sheer boredom, she starts to flirt with two men: a rough-and-tumble rascal (Zhang Yu); and a polite hairdresser (Zhou Quan), who tempts Ciao Ciao with dreams of opening a salon far, far away. Filmmaker Song Chuan follows up his incredible 2012 debut Huan Huan with this keen, compelling portrait of a generation caught between competing landscapes and lifestyle choices. Blessed with colorful, eye-popping widescreen cinematography and a soundtrack that blends traditional Eastern sounds with skittery globo-techno, Ciao, Ciao is a funny, fraught indictment of the easy-‘n’-empty thrills of modern living and the hypocrisy of “small-town” values.
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Additional Information

Song Chuan was born in 1980 in the Yunnan region, Southern China. In 2006, he graduated with a master’s degree in film making from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre and Arts in Beijing, and started writing and directing films and documentaries for television. His first feature film, Huan Huan, was made with non-professional actors from his village, and immediately received attention from Chinese and international film festivals, such as New York’s New Directors, New Films Festival in 2012. Ciao Ciao is his first professional feature film. It received CNC World Cinema Support (Aide aux cine´mas du monde), and was presented at the Cannes IFF at L’Atelier de la Cine´fondation 2013, in Oslo at the Sorfond Forum 2013, and at the ACE coproduction lab in Hong Kong, March 2014. It has been selected for the Berlinale Panorama in 2017.