5@5 It's No Game

  • Awarewolf Awarewolf
  • Fault Fault
  • Game Game
  • Swim Swim
  • Take Your Time Take Your Time
  • The Nation Holds Its Breath The Nation Holds Its Breath


Rafael 3 Wed, Oct 11, 2017 9:15 PM
Sequoia 1 Thu, Oct 12, 2017 2:30 PM
Film Info
Section:5@5 Shorts
Running Time:70 min.
Note Writer:Sterling Hedgpeth


“Silhouettes and shadows watch the revolution. No more free steps to heaven. It's no game.” The stakes are often high as sports and physical expression dominate this eclectic set of timely shorts. Jeannie Donohoe’s Game (US 2016, 15 min) depicts a new high school student’s uphill battle in trying out for the varsity basketball team. Mari Walker explores why a secret midnight Swim (US 2016, 11 min) is a liberating moment for one shy teen. Racial tension in a tennis match spills over into an unlikely confrontation in Daniel Lee’s Fault (US 2017, 10 min). One hard-driving Bay Area mom and her quiet son learn some lessons on the competitive yoga circuit in Dan Damman’s Awarewolf (US 2017, 9 min). The beautifully dynamic choreography is just one marvelous element in Max Sachar and Natasha Adorlee Johnson’s slipstream dance piece Take Your Time (US 2017, 5 min). And a highly anticipated soccer playoff match converges with one anxious expecting Irish couple in Kev Cahill’s heartfelt comedy The Nation Holds Its Breath (Ireland 2016, 20 min).

Included Shorts

Awarewolf (9min) More
Fault (10min) More
Game (15min) More
The Nation Holds Its Breath (20min) More
Swim (11min) More
Take Your Time (5min) More