5@5 A Better Future

  • Amelia's Closet Amelia's Closet
  • Footsteps Footsteps
  • Hedgehog's Home Hedgehog's Home
  • Jesser and the Sugarcane Jesser and the Sugarcane
  • Lemonade Mafia Lemonade Mafia
  • Sabaku Sabaku
  • Spring Jam Spring Jam
  • The Reflection in Me The Reflection in Me


Sequoia 1 Sat, Oct 7, 2017 3:00 PM
Rafael 1 Mon, Oct 9, 2017 10:00 AM
Lark Theatre Sun, Oct 15, 2017 4:00 PM
Film Info
5@5 Shorts
New Zealand
Running Time:77 min.
Note Writer:Joanne Parsont


"Give my children sunny smile. Give them moon and cloudless sky. I demand a better future." That’s exactly what the kids (or animals) are all striving for in these family-friendly shorts. The future of the neighborhood lemonade stand is what’s at stake in Anya Adams’ Lemonade Mafia (US 2016, 6 min). In Ned Wenlock’s Spring Jam (New Zealand 2016, 6 min), a young stag lacking big antlers uses some musical improvisation to make an impression during mating season. When his grandson challenges him on the soccer field, an elderly man looks to his past for new inspiration in Hannes Thor Arason’s Footsteps (Iceland 2017, 15 min). Hedgehog’s love for his cozy home sparks an unexpected standoff with his forest neighbors in Eva Cvijanovic’s animated Hedgehog’s Home (Canada 2016, 10 min). In Godelieve Eijsink’s poignant documentary Jesser and the Sugarcane (Netherlands 2016, 15 min), a Nicaraguan boy dreams of becoming a farmer in hopes of avoiding the dangerous work in the sugarcane fields that has made his father sick. In Marlies van der Wel’s animated Sabaku (Netherlands 2016, 2 min), a bird goes in search of a new buddy after the water buffalo he hangs out with passes away. Bullied and angry, young Amelia learns the right and wrong ways to feel empowered in Halima Lucas’s Amelia’s Closet (US 2016, 18 min). And Marc Colagiovanni wants all kids to know that you are absolutely perfect just as you are in The Reflection in Me (US 2017, 4 min). Age 7+

*Oct 9 screening is a CFI Education screening open to school groups and general public.

Included Shorts

Amelia's Closet (18min) More
Footsteps (15min) More
Hedgehog's Home (10min) More
Jesser and the Sugarcane (15min) More
Lemonade Mafia (6min) More
The Reflection in Me (4min) More
Sabaku (2min) More
Spring Jam (6min) More