The Pulitzer at 100
Sequoia 2Fri, May 12 9:00 PM Not Available
Rafael 1Sat, May 13 4:15 PM Not Available
Film Info
Section:The Art of Impact
Running Time:94 min.
Director:Kirk Simon
Producer:Kirk Simon
Cinematographer:Buddy Squires
Editor:Emily Williams
Cast:Helen Mirren
Natalie Portman
Liev Schreiber
John Lithgow
Note Writer:Deanna Quinones

Originally dreamed up by a scandal-mongering immigrant newspaperman, the Pulitzer Prize is celebrating its centennial as the highest honor in American arts and letters. Oscar®- and Emmy®-winning director Kirk Simon (Strangers No More, Masterclass) explores the origins of the prestigious award; its century-long run canonizing great moments in history; the careers it has burnished; and a sampling of the timeless words, images and melodies that have earned its recognition. Created by Hungarian-born Joseph Pulitzer in 1917 with the goal of lifting journalism out of the gutter (where he had helped it land while battling William Randolph Hearst for mass-circulation appeal), the Pulitzer has evolved into its current form, awarding excellence in 21 categories. Interviews with winners including Toni Morrison, Carl Bernstein, Wynton Marsalis, Tony Kushner, Junot Diaz and Michael Chabon are interspersed with short, stunning excerpts performed by Helen Mirren, John Lithgow, Natalie Portman and others to create a spectacular portrait of Pulitzer’s dream made real.

In Person: (May 13) Pulitzer Prize winners Political Cartoonist/Animator Mark Fiore; Former Editor/Publisher, Point Reyes Light, David Mitchell; Managing Editor, East Bay Times, Bert Robinson. Q&A facilitated by Executive Chair, The Center for Investigative Reporting, Phil Bronstein.

The Pulitzer at 100 is co-presented by Litquake.

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Additional Information

Kirk Simon is an Oscar® and Emmy®-winning producer and director of documentary films. He has also received three additional Academy Award® nominations in the documentary feature and short subject categories and has won the duPont-Columbia Silver Baton. He has won Emmys for his programs with Jane Goodall in Tanzania (1990) and MasterClass with Alan Alda (2015), both for HBO. Also for HBO, Simon was responsible for the Kindergarten miniseries and for the MTV/LOGO-directed "Coming Out Stories."  He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, WGA and Producers Guild.