Paa Joe & The Lion
Sequoia 2Sat, May 13 6:30 PM Not Available
Rafael 2Sun, May 14 5:45 PM Not Available
Film Info
Running Time:72 min.
Director:Benjamin Wigley
Producer:Anna Griffin
Cinematographer:Benjamin Wigley
Editor:Benjamin Wigley
Note Writer:Carol Harada

Seeking global acclaim and much-needed commissions, Ghananian artist Paa Joe and his apprentice son Jacob bring fantasy coffin carving to the UK. Sharing the unfettered spirit of Ga funeral celebrations, they invite people to reclaim the mystery of death as an integrated, vibrant part of the circle of life. The two leave home for a month-long residency to demonstrate the high art of hand carving a lion coffin. Their presence causes people to wonder about their own tradition of staid and stoic funerals—and to talk openly about death and ancestors. The coffins have incredible ephemeral beauty then are buried or, in this case, ritually paraded. The final ceremony includes dancers, puppeteers, musicians and singers who mix local pagan flavor with the Ga tradition of full-hearted life and death. Imaginative dream sequences, soulful poetry by Benjamin Zephania and lively music make for artful filmmaking about the universal rites of passage.

Additional Information
Benjamin Wigley is an artist and filmmaker whose work explores the journeys we make in life. His projects are often realized in the space between art and documentary. Wigley’s current interest is in how we talk about our lives through the metaphors of the natural world and in the connections we make between memory and place. He is developing work that allows the viewer to get a sense of both the physical and the experiential journey—interacting, immersing and participating. He is also interested in how many different ways, or forms, a person can experience an idea or a story: performance, documentary and experimental film, sculpture, photography (prints and books), exhibition spaces, digital immersive experiences, artist walks and interpretation—that all work together to build an augmented viewer experience.